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University of Winchester
Got Lemons? Make Lemonade.
Turn your idea into a reality with the Try It Award! Winchester Hub support social projects with financial backing, start-up training and mentoring to help you make your idea a success.
What are the Try It Awards?
An awards scheme where, if successful, you get access to funding, support, and mentorship to set up your own social enterprise. Projects must focus on tackling social or environmental issues, creating benefits for the local community, or might instigate a social impact or change. It also needs to include some way of generating income.
What is a social enterprise?
Social enterprises have an economic, social, cultural, or environmental impact benefiting the community in some way. They generate their own income in order to be sustainable. Social enterprises can provide products or services that directly addresses needs in the community. They also reinvest the majority of their profits into the business and (by doing so) the community.
Do you have an idea for a social enterprise?
At Winchester Hub we can support you through the process from ideation through to practicalities of running an enterprise.
Don’t have an idea but want to get involved? That’s okay!
We offer one-to-one advice and guidance for all at any stage of project development.
Never thought of yourself as someone who could run a business? We bet lots of successful social entrepreneurs didn’t either!
What funding is available?
Between £500-750 is available for each project, and we are happy to work with you on what is needed and how we can help!
We also offer one-to-one advice and guidance on all things social enterprise.
What types of projects are eligible?
All projects must demonstrate the benefit for the public/local community, and that the funding that they receive will make a difference, instigate a social impact or change. Take a look at some of our previous applicants to see the range of projects applicable!
Previous Successful Projects
GoldHill Dance Company
Formed in 2016, GoldHill dance company create contemporary performance work in the south of the UK.
Kate Mellor's photography
Exhibition at the the Link Gallery to raise money for the charity Naomi House
"When people ask me about my time at university, I always bring up the Try It Awards!"
Sunken Circus
A partner organisation that provides interactive and immersive indoor and outdoor Performances at parties, festivals, commercial and corporate events!
Visit their website at
Polish Minds
An organisation supporting the Polish community by providing information about mental health and wellbeing and organising events and workshops for those who want to make positive changes in their lives.
Visit their facebook page at
Encouraging girls and women's participation in sport through the vehicle of cricket.
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