Summer Social Innovation Programme

Start to develop your professional skills through a placement providing innovative solutions to the challenges faced by charities and social enterprises in Winchester. No prior experience required!

Informaton icon Start to develop your professional skills through a placement providing innovative solutions to the challenges faced by charities and social enterprises in Winchester. No prior experience required!

Location icon Remote - anywhere!

Clock icon Summer (June/July)

Applications are currently open until the 4th of June, please apply here.

About the Social Innovation Programme

The Social Innovation Programme is a unique opportunity for students to address challenges in the local area through research and consultancy. This cohort will be focused on helping charities with challenges they have faced in response to COVID-19.

No prior experience or knowledge of consultancy is necessary, this is a chance to gain some! Whatever your skills and interest, we'd love to hear from you. Whilst we're interested in knowing what experience you would bring to the team, we're ultimately interested in motivation, enthusiasm and potential.

"I would definitely recommend this activity to all freshers, even if they feel that they won't take an interest, they just might and they'll gain a lot of skills they don't tell you that will come in handy before you leave university." - Morika, University of Winchester

New this summer • Remote delivery of the Social Innovation Programme Just because we're social distancing doesn't mean we have to stop getting involved in social action! Join us as we adapt and innovation our own programme for these changing times. You'll still learn skills like research and data colelction, report writing and presentation skills (for remote presentations!) but you'll also learn teamworking, project management, and remote collaboration skills. Don't let their be a gap on your CV, make the most of this summer and skill up while making a real difference to the organizations that need our help more than ever!

What will I be doing?

  • Work with a team of students as external consultants for a community partner
  • Spend six weeks solving a brief outlining the challenge
  • Work with a client charity or social enterprise
  • Write a report of recommendations based on your research
  • Present your recommendations and process to your community partner

Applications for our Summer Cohort are now open!

What will you gain?

  • Build and develop skills in research, problem solving and project management through our rigorous training programme.
  • Gain real-world experience working for a charity or social enterprise that can go on your CV.
  • Have an opportunity to lead a team of students

By taking part you are gaining experience for you HEAR accreditation.

We accept applications from ALL university students, so apply now (no previous experience required).

"Getting to meet and work with other like minded students and engage with both our mentors at IBM and the Winchester Hub." - Beth, University of Winchester

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What are the next Steps

  • Look for the application form here until 4th June 5pm
  • Attend your chosen selection workshop (you can choose when you apply)
  • If you're successful you will attend a launch day a week later, followed by six weeks developing skills and experience, meeting new people and having fun!


We will be piloting a completely remote delivery, so wherever you are, you can still participate! Below are some key dates, although these are still being finalised and may change.

  • After applications you will be invited to a Selection Workshop (Tues 9th June)
  • At the end of this week you would be informed on if you made it into this cohort of SIP
  • Tues 16th June: Project Launch Day (will be half a day)
  • Week 1 - 6: Training sessions will occur on Monday weekly and you will be working with your team to research and find innovative solutions!
  • Fri 24th July: Report Deadline
  • Tues 28th July: Presentation Deadline and Showcase Day! (again will be half a day of networking and displaying all your hard work!)

During the launch event, successful applications will meet the rest of their teams and their supporting organisations, and will be presented with their official challenge briefs.

There will be six training events held throughout the programme, allowing you to learn new skills and hone existing ones to better help you address the challenge. In addition, there will be constant support from the Winchester Hub office, should you need it.

How much time commitment is expected?

We expect team members to spend about 5 hours a week on SIP, depending on the stage you are at with your project. This time is important to regularly meet together as a team and work with your Community Partner.

Who can apply?

The programme is open to all students at the University of Winchester, and we encourage undergrads, postgrads, PhD and Masters students to apply! Visiting students are absolutely welcome. We are not looking for any particular year, degree subject or background, just the enthusiasm to see your own ideas in action.


Winchester Hub is committed to making our activities inclusive to all students. We can make reasonable adjustments to application processes, selection workshops, training sessions, volunteering projects and other activities on a case-by-case basis. We also provide ongoing support for the students we work with, so if you have particular accessibility needs, including special educational needs, please write to and let us know how we can make this activity more accessible.

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Any Questions?

If you have any questions about the application process or the course itself, please contact Sorcha our Programmes Manager at

Information for local organisations

If you are a non-profit organisations based in Wincheter and would like to host a group of student consultants, have a look here and write to