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Winchester Hub work with local organisations to make a positive impact in our community. Get in touch to see if we can help your organisation!

Informaton icon Winchester Hub work with local organisations to make a positive impact in our community. Get in touch to see if we can help your organisation!

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At Winchester Hub, we are committed to making valuable impact in local communities and this means partnering with local organisations to create social action. Whether you have an opportunity our students would enjoy, would benefit from a skilled placement service or have a fantastic new project idea, we would love to hear from you. Read more below about all the opportunities we have for you to partner with us.

We believe in equal, and accessible, opportunities.

Student Hubs is an equal opportunity organisation and we believe that a diverse team creates dynamic and innovative programmes. We are welcoming of all organisations and individuals, regardless of age, disability, gender, sex, religion or sexuality.

All our programmes are committed to being inclusive, and encouraging all students to get involved. For both partners and students, we can make reasonable adjustments to our activities on a case-by-case basis. At Student Hubs, we follow the Social Model of Disability, meaning that we believe a disability is defined as a physical or mental health condition that leads to a differently abled individual being restricted by the barriers of a world designed for able-bodied people. These barriers may be attitudinal, physical or organisational barriers. We want to ensure that we are supporting you in any way, and are proactive in making adjustments, such as ensuring wheel-chair accessible rooms for events, and committing to image descriptions for all our communications. If you would like to work with us and face any barriers you wish to disclose to us, please do get in touch at hello@winchesterhub.org. We also have a safe space policy as part of our programmes that is shared with volunteers.

Winchester Hub are following goverment guidance and making volunteering COVID safe. Read our COVID safe guidance.

What you can expect from us

Each Hub has a dedicated staff member to ensure the sustainability of our projects, and will be your usual point of contact, occasionally with additional input from student volunteers. You can expect staff support in the following ways:

  • Hub staff provide students with training and project development support, to ensure the delivery of a high quality volunteering project.
  • We support students to bring you new perspectives, and creative ideas. We support students to get the most out of their engagement with you, and for you to benefit from their energy, experiences, expertise and capacity.
  • We can provide advice for you, such as suggestions for volunteer inductions, or support organising inductions.
  • We provide regular feedback opportunities. In addition to our mandatory monitoring and evaluation forms, Hub staff are always contactable if you have any suggestions or concerns, and we are always receptive to feedback.
  • Hub Staff will keep you updated with any organisational, or project, changes that occur throughout your partnership.
  • We can inform you about other opportunities we could provide your organisation.

Read our 2020-21 Impact Report.

For a plain text version of the Impact Report, please email hello@winchesterhub.org.

The Social Innovation Programme (SIP)

"I've been finding the interactions with the students challenging - in a good way. They ask questions that really need me to think about some of the things we have been doing for a long time, and need to justify why we continue to do them.. With their 'outsider' view, it's incredibly useful to get that perspective." - Kate English, SIP Community Partner.

The SIP is a six-week consultancy project, pairing teams of students with a charity or social enterprise to work on a challenge brief provided by you. Winchester Hub will support you to create a robust brief, as well as train the students to consult for you. We are currently accepting briefs for our 2021/22 cohorts.

Contact us at hello@winchesterhub.org to find out more.

Give It A Go

Looking for volunteers at a socially or environemtally active activity you are doing? Give it a Go (GIAG) is our one-off volunteering programme and we are always looking for partners to work with to engage students in social action. Previous GIAG events include helping a community garden, litter picking and even clothes swaps!

Please get in contact with Liz Alcock at manager@winchesterhub.org if you are looking for some more volunteers.

Schools Plus

Are you a school tackling high levels of educational disadvantage? In Schools Plus, our volunteers engage withlocal schools in Basingstoke, Eastleigh and Winchester to help school students achieve their academic potential. This is done through tutoring, acting as lession aids and leading extra-curricular clubs.

Please contact us on hello@winchesterhub.org to find out more.

Woolly Matters

Our knitting group is looking for social causes to support. If you need knitted items, or would like to run an interactive knitting session with our students, please contact us at hello@winchesterhub.org.

Other Community Projects

If you would like to be involved but don't know how please feel free to contact us at hello@winchesterhub.org to see how we can work together!