Would my volunteering include care duties?
LinkAges is purely a social programme. You are never expected to take any care duties, or be on your own with an elderly person if you do not wish to be.
How many hours do I need to commit to?
This is completely up to you! Our range of projects mean you can choose when is suitable for your volunteering. We would recommend at least one hour a week!
Why can't I see the application form?
If you can't see the application form, it might be because of the browser you are using. Try accessing our website through Google Chrome.
I'm having trouble logging in/accessing the website.
If you are trying to log in and it is taking a long time (you may see 3 orange dots rotating), then try the following step:
  • Try applying in an incognito window (right click the Chrome browser icon and select 'New Incognito Window')
  • If you are still experiencing difficulty then email Daniel at to register your interest
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