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Winchester Hub can only do amazing things because of the wonderful and creative students who run projects and are part of the committee. Hear how they got involved with the Hub!
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Lydia Green
Winchester Hub Volunteer - 2015/16
Communications Officer - 2016/17
Student President - 2017-18
*Graduate Projects Support Officer - 2018-19
How did you get involved in the Hub?
When I joined university I was really keen to do lots of extra-curricular activities. This was to make friends, get something on my CV and find out what my interests were. I decided to apply for Schools+ which was enjoyable but I found wasn’t for me. While also volunteering for a local community association I came along to a Give it a Go event. So many people came along to help and the atmosphere was so friendly.
I got to know more about the Hub through the weekly email newsletter and their website and I saw an advertised post for a communications officer. I decided to go for it although I had limited knowledge of communications and was successful!
What has been the best bit about being part of the Hub?
Being part of the Hub has opened so many doors. Not only have I met some really great people but I have been able to do so many things that I wouldn't have imagined doing a year prior to where I am now. I have expanded my knowledge of communications and got some key skills that will be valuable to me in the future.
The best bit has definitely been gaining a greater understanding of myself. I now know what I am motivated by, what makes me tick and how I plan to mold my career. The third sector is something I really want to pursue, especially social justice as this aligns with my values, something I am driven by everyday.
What do you recommend for students looking to get involved with the Hub?
The sooner the better! The Hub does so many types of projects and I can confidently say there will be something that suits you. Volunteering is great for your personal development more than anything, and will help you gain confidence, learn new skills and provide you with a greater social awareness. It is the best thing I have done since joining university and I wish I would have applied sooner.
Saffron Hampton
Winchester Hub President - 2016/17
Schools Plus Coordinator - 2015/16
Schools Plus Volunteer - 2014/15
Being involved with the Hub in my first year has made my university experience all the more enjoyable. It's helped me meet new people and friends, making me more comfortable within university life.
I'm involved in the Hub's Schools Plus project. The project works by training students like me to tutor in local schools, working to increase school students' interest, knowledge and confidence in their studies by acting as positive role models. I was a tutor and Project Coordinator last year and this year I'm on the Hub Committee as Schools Plus Coordinator.
Taking part in Schools Plus has reinforced just how important education is for young people, and made me realise that many children don't get as far as university because they may not have access to the support they need.
Winchester Hub has given me the power to challenge this, and make an impact, I believe I'm doing my part to make society a little fairer.
This interview was taken at the beginning of 2015/16, keep your eyes peeled for an update with Hub President Saffron
Flo Jones
Schools Plus Coordinator - 2014/15
How did you get involved in Schools Plus?
I saw an advert on the intranet for volunteering experience in a secondary school. I went to the first meeting which was explaining about educational disadvantage in Hampshire which surprised me as Winchester is a very affluent city.
What difference did you make?
I think I made a small difference, but a difference all the same. It was a weekly thing so we built up great relationships with the children and we became good role models and people that they trusted but also we helped to improve their reading and team work.
What next?
I'm planning on taking a teacher role in a local school. Being Schools Plus Coordinator has helped me develop my skills in communicating, not only with children but also with the staff. I'm also very interested in pursuing a career in the third sector, focusing on education.
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