Register your HEAR activities!
The Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) gives you a single record of your academic and other achievements during your time at University. Make sure you register your Hub activities!
Rolling, deadlines throughout the year
Your HEAR includes information about your achievements such as volunteering, Student Union activities, and prizes awarded, as well as information about module marks and your final Degree Classification. Winchester Hub activities can count towards this, so read on to make sure that you are registering your extra-curricular social action for your record!
What Hub activities count towards my HEAR?
Currently, you can register the following activities for your HEAR:
  • Schools Plus
  • Committee
  • Try It Award winner
  • LinkAges
  • Youth Theatre
We'll be updating our registered activities for 2017/18, so let us know if you've done something and want to check if you can record it.
How do I add activities to my HEAR?
All of the information you need is available here on the University website. If you've got any questions, it's best to get in touch with the HEAR team directly,, but feel free to drop by the Hub office (MB116) too!
Why should I record activities on my HEAR?
This formal, University-verified document will help you to maximise your employability; it includes information about your course and University-approved achievements on one online document. There are all kinds of exciting activities to get involved with - from positions in the Student Union, to Student Ambassador roles, to Foundation Music activities (and of course, the Hub!) - see the HEAR activities and achievements page for more detail.
Taking part in additional activities will not only be fun, they will help to make you more employable - and allow you to show your future graduate employer that you have developed a range of important employability skills. You can choose to share your HEAR securely with employers and universities when you come to apply for graduate jobs and/or postgraduate study.
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